Sunday, December 21, 2008

US Timeshare Management AKA USTSM AKA is a scam

Everyone I have come across that has used the services of US Timeshare Management, Inc. who also goes by the name of USTSM and feels as though they are a scam. I would really like someone to prove me wrong on this one. The US Timeshare Management scam operates under two websites: and Here is how USTSM fraudulently makes money. US Timeshare Management targets timeshare owners over the telephone who want to sell or rent their timeshares. During the solicitation, USTSM's sales person tries to convince the timeshare owner that for an upfront fee ranging anywhere from $400-$1000 or more that the timeshare will be sold. If the timeshare owner is duped into paying the upfront fee, all US Timeshare Management, Inc. will do for them is post an online ad on and will never talk to the owner again. Why should US Timeshare Management talk to them again if USTSM has already gotten paid? USTSM has absolutely no incentive to do anything for you once they have been paid. I wish we could supoena all of US Timeshare Management's sales to see exactly how many people who have been scammed by US Timeshare Management compared to how many people actually sold their timeshares. My guess is none and I truly hope to be proven wrong.

This post is only my opinion and is protected under the first ammendment to the United States Constitution. If you disagree with my opinion and the opinion of the thousands who have been scammed by USTSM you are entitled to your own opinion and should show concrete proof that US Timeshare Management helped you. If you agree with the opinions expressed above please visit our thread on US Timeshare Management and post your story. We may be able to help you get your money back with our fee recovery service. You can get more information about the recovery service by going to our Fee Recovery Page.